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Innovations in Information Technology

Innovations in Information Technology

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Technology today is changing in a blink of an eye. We have progressed from landline telephones to smart assistants on mobile phones to tell us the weather and news. Statistically, reports state that along with innovation in Information Technology, there was also an increase in jobs in IT and Engineering. More and more students, while still in school are becoming interested in pursuing Engineering courses.

One of the many Engineering institutes in the country is Mansarovar Global University or MGU in Bhopal. The university provides a Bachelor of Technology degree in fourteen different concentrations. Admissions are on the merit of the previous qualifying examination. One can look up the B.Tech course information at MGU from its official website.

New technologies like AR, Cloud Computing, AI, VR, IoT, Quantum, and Edge Computing are developing fast and hiring students with an appropriate B.Tech degree. The detail of these Information Technology innovations has been outlined below.

Innovations in Information Technology


Cloud Computing refers to a service that is provided over the internet. Companies providing these services let people store data and documents. This data is stored on a remote server and one can access it over the internet as and when required. One of the most popular Cloud Computing services today is provided by Google Cloud.

Cloud Computing is one of the recent developments in Information Technology that has made lives easier. There is no need to worry about running out of space on mobile phones and laptops. While it is an expensive service because it requires maintenance of servers. However, it is expected to become more accessible in the upcoming years.


Artificial Intelligence refers to the ability of computers and machines to mimic human thinking or intelligence. Today this technology has become a mainstay in our lives. It is used in the chatbots at our favorite e-commerce websites and also at the self-driving cars and the personal assistants on our phones.

Moreover, Artificial Intelligence has also expanded to hospitals and to organizations helping them with customer care. Per reports, this industry is set to increase by at least USD 190 billion in the coming years. This has made our lives much easier and would continue being that way in the future.


Another one of the latest trends in Information Technology is the Internet of Things. In simple terms, the Internet of Things refers to physical objects or devices being connected to each other over the internet. It is a network of objects that has found its use in many industries. One example of IoT is the various devices used at home. From the lights and blinds to the alarm system and temperature control system.

Doors can be locked now right from the bed and one can also track their steps and calories burnt through a smartwatch. IoT’s future is exciting and makes for efficient decision-making for organizations.


Among the latest Advancements in Information Technology, Edge Computing has also become a well-known term. Edge Computing refers to the processing of data near the source or at the site where the data is to be used. This helps save cost and time to process the data in a remote space.

While Cloud Computing has many benefits for a regular user, for bigger organizations it can be cumbersome. Here is where Edge Computing comes into play. Like the Internet of Things, Edge Computing is also expected to increase in popularity and use. More jobs would be created across many different industries too.


One technology that B.Tech in IT course students work in is VR and AR. Both technologies are used in video games and movies where an artificial atmosphere is created (Virtual Reality) or the surrounding is enhanced (Augmented Reality). Both VR and AR are also used for training purposes in the US Army, Navy, and Airlines.

With advancements in technology, this is also used in medical training for doctors. With the pandemic in full swing, VR and AR have become more useful. AR technology has become popular and affordable over the years. By 2022, both industries are expected to be valued at USD 209 billion.


Quantum Computing is a new technology that is still developing but nonetheless exciting. It is a form of computing that uses the law of quantum mechanics to help solve problems that otherwise cannot be handled by a normal computer.

In recent times, Quantum Computing has been used in determining the spread of coronavirus and finding out vaccines. Alternatively, Quantum Computing also finds use in banking and finance. Organizations use this technology to detect fraud and calculate risk.


B.Tech in Information Technology students have, in recent times, been working in IT security and privacy. Better technology changes will lead to better security. New advancements in IT must be secure to work faster and reach a lot of people. Unfortunately, this also means that hackers are getting smarter and finding out new ways to steal information.

One of the major avenues that Information Technology will be contributing to in the upcoming years is cybersecurity. Graduates would be able to popularly work at job titles such as Ethical Hackers, Cyber Security Officers, and Security Engineers.


Robotics is not a new technology in the field of Information Technology. It refers to creating machines with IT that are capable of handling many tasks otherwise done by a human being. Robotics is, however, not just confined to working at warehouses, production companies, or hotels.

Robots, today have advanced to also clean up oceans and rivers across the country. From robot dogs created in the initial days of Information Technology advancements to now large-scale robots that can handle several tasks at the same time, robotics has come a long way.

5G : -

5G, the fifth generation, is the latest in the mobile network connections. It follows the 1G, 2G,3G, and 4G. It builds upon former generations by providing faster, secure, and better connections for mobile phones. 5G is being used but is still being further developed.

Experts believe it will revolutionize our daily lives and enable us to do more. 5G is expected to include AR, VR, cloud gaming, etc. For organizations too, it will help in traffic control, better data management, and more. Each major telecom and mobile manufacturing company is working extensively in this technology and by the next five years, it will occupy more than 50% of the industry.

As of 2021, Information Technology developments and new creations have already infiltrated our lives. Not only has it made our lives easy but automating several tasks but also made the movie-watching experience and gaming experience better. From here, the future is nothing but bright. As an IT student, it is not late yet to take part in this boom.