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Is BBA in Hospitality Management the Right Choice for You?

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Is BBA in Hospitality Management the Right Choice for You?

After completing your 12th-grade education, are you willing to pursue a career in the hotel industry? In that situation, a BBA in Hotel Management will be your best option. Also, we understand that choosing a career path is one of your most crucial decisions in life. Hence, we will aim to provide you with insights into the course features, career options, and skills. Through this blog, we will also guide you to make an informed decision about your future in this dynamic field.

BBA in Hospitality and Hotel Management- Course Overview

Together with particular applications in the hospitality industry, a BBA in Hospitality and Hotel Management will provide you with a thorough understanding of business fundamentals. By considering the hotel industry's unique requirements, the Mansarovar Global University in Bhopal offers a BBA (Hospitality and Hotel Administration) that covers topics like marketing, entrepreneurship, technology, etc.

Course Highlights

To know some BBA hotel management course details of the Mansarovar Global University, please refer to the table below:

Course Name Bachelor of Business Administration (Hospitality and Hotel Administration)
Level of Education Undergraduate
Course Duration 3years
Mode of Examination Yearly Mode
Eligibility Criteria *Complete the 10+2 level of education or equivalent.
* Score at least 50% in the 12th grade. A 5% relaxation is available for reserved category candidates.

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Why Choose Bachelor of Hospitality Management?

Mostly, you will develop the skills necessary to interact with consumers and clients as well as to plan and coordinate events. To further comprehend if studying hospitality will be your ideal fit, please read the discussed advantages of pursuing a BBA in Hotel Management:

Practical Learning Experiences

Through internships, joint education initiatives, cooperative education programmes, and industry contacts, the hospitality management curricula will prioritise practical learning experiences for you. This will enable you to obtain practical experience during your college years, making you more employable after you graduate.

Transferable Skills

During your hospitality management BBA programme, you will gain highly transferable abilities like effective communication, problem-solving, leadership, and flexibility. These traits are also highly sought after in a variety of industries outside of hospitality, giving you a competitive edge in the employment market.

Global Exposure

You are aware that the hospitality sector is global, offering chances for cross-border travel and cultural immersion. Therefore, a BBA (Hospitality Management) frequently addresses these global issues, enabling you to gain a thorough understanding of the global hospitality industry.

Diverse Employment Pathways

Taking a BBA Hotel Management course can lead you to a variety of global work prospects. This is because the hospitality sector requires a different set of professionals to successfully run their business. Some of your frequent employment options will include the following:

  • Executive Chef.
  • Hotel Manager.
  • Housekeeping Staff.
  • Food and Beverage Manager.
  • Banquet Manager.
  • Floor Supervisor.

BAMS Course

Career Scope in Hospitality Management

Be it diving into a rewarding profession, or opting for further education, you will be open to explore a vast array of career opportunities as a hospitality management graduate. For your understanding, we have discussed below a couple of your common career paths:

Higher Studies

You can sign up for the Masters in Hotel Management course at Mansarovar Global University following your BBA hospitality and hotel Management study programme. With its focus on equipping you with in-depth knowledge and skills to prosper in this expanding field, this course prepares you to think creatively and create an atmosphere where you can succeed.

To learn more about the Master's in Hotel Management of Mansarovar Global University, please refer to the table below:

Level of Education Postgraduate
Course Duration 2 years
Mode of Examination Yearly Mode
Eligibility Requirement * Complete a Bachelor's Degree or equivalent, preferably in Hotel Management.
* Obtain at least 50% aggregate marks in Graduation.

Job Opportunities

As we have mentioned before, you will be eligible for lucrative job options after earning a hospitality management degree. For your reference, we have outlined below some potential job areas for hospitality management graduates-

Hotel Management

With a BBA in hospitality management, you are open to pursuing managerial positions inside hotels where you would be in charge of divisions like operations, guest services, and facilities management.

Event Planning

With event management firms evolving and the growing demand for special events, you can enjoy strong future possibilities.

Food and Beverage Management

You can find fulfilling professions in food and beverage administration, supervising establishments' operations if you have an interest in culinary arts and restaurant management.

Tourism and Travel

You will also be qualified for jobs in the travel and tourism industry, such as those in destination management firms, airlines, cruise lines, or travel agents.

Resort Management

The BBA hotel management subjects will better equip you to investigate resort management careers, which call for experienced personnel to oversee front desk operations, marketing campaigns, and guest interactions.

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Skills Gained Through a Hospitality Management Course

Through a BBA (Hospitality Management), you can develop a wide range of essential skills for success in the industry. A few of those skills will include-

Strong Communication

You are aware that efficient communication with guests, staff, and other stakeholders is essential for hospitality workers. In addition, a BBA in Hotel Management enables you to modify your strategy according to different circumstances and familiarises you with the value of effective communication

Leadership Abilities

You can lead teams, motivate coworkers, and establish an effective work environment with the skills that a BBA (Hospitality Management) provides.


As BBA graduates in hotel management, you will gain the capacity to recognise and resolve the particular difficulties that the hospitality sector poses.

Customer Service Excellence

In the hotel sector, you will need to deliver outstanding customer service. Moreover, you will learn how to anticipate guests' needs and provide exceptional service to boost overall visitor satisfaction by pursuing a BBA in Hotel Management.

Wrapping Up

If you have a strong desire to work in the hospitality sector and the corresponding skills, a BBA (Hotel Management) can be your right choice. Although opting for this study plan depends on numerous factors, and differs from individual to individual, with the features covered in this blog and the rising demand for talented professionals in the hospitality sector, pursuing a BBA in Hotel Management will open your doors to a fulfilling and rewarding career path.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is BBA in hospitality management good?

    Yes, you will be able to work in great jobs and make between INR 4-8 LPA if you enrol in the BBA in hospitality management.

  • Can a BBA student get a job in hotel industry?

    With a BBA in Hotel Management, you can simply enter the hotel industry and pursue a career in operations, which includes front desk management, F&B services, accounting, advertising, etc.

  • Does hospitality have a future?

    Yes, with the growing demand for travel and unique experiences, a hospitality career will provide you with a fantastic future.

  • What parts comprise hotel management?

    Within a BBA in Hotel Management, you can learn about the following sections of hotels-

    • Food and Beverage.
    • Accommodation.
    • Travel and Tourism.
    • Entertainment and Recreation.