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What You Need to Know Before Pursuing a Law Degree?

Law Degree

What You Need to Know Before Pursuing a Law Degree?

There are various misconceptions attached to a law degree, and while choosing any course, you should be aware of the correct course details & information so that you’ll not have any false expectations while choosing your career path. To help you out in making an informed decision about the law degree, we have explored various pointers that you should know in this post, give it a read.

Law degree overview

BA LLB(Hons. Integrated)

BA LLB is an undergraduate degree that combines the course structure of the humanities and law streams. This course teaches the in-depth study of law and the fundamental concepts of social sciences to the students.

Bachelor of legislative law (LLB)

LLB is an undergraduate degree for 3 years course duration that offers professional training to students in the law field. This course is offered by colleges that work under the supervision of the Bar Council of India.

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LLB course details- MGU, Bhopal

Course Name BA LLB LLB
Course Level Undergraduate Undergraduate
Eligibility Criteria Applicants must have completed class 12th from any recognized board of education
Reservation will be applicable according to the state government norms.
Applicants must have completed graduation/post-graduation in any discipline with minimum 50% aggregate marks.
Reservation will be offered according to the state government norms.
Course Mode Semester Semester
Law degree Duration 5 years 3 years

Research About Law School

Your law school will play an important role in shaping your career in the right direction. So, before deciding on the best university in Bhopal for you, always do research about the below-mentioned details-

  • Location of the law school
  • Experience and achievements of faculty members
  • Past placement offered by the school
  • Check out the University review by getting in touch with seniors or alumni of the law school.

Career Opportunities

career opportunities are the biggest driving factor in any course. Whether you are pursuing a BA LLB course or LLB, you must be aware of the career opportunities the degree will bring for you.

Opportunities in BA LLB

After getting your license, you can start practicing law as a legal secretary, law clerk, litigation lawyer, Legal advisor, criminal lawyer, company secretary, and paralegal.

Opportunities after LLB

Advocate, legal advisor, legal manager, law officer, and solicitor.

You Need to be a Voracious Reader

As you are aspiring to take LLB admissions, you should be aware that this degree demands you to be a voracious reader. As a law student, you’ll be expected to read a lot of articles, journals, research papers, laws, acts, legal documents, etc. Mere reading will not help, you should also be able to analyze the legal document by using critical thinking skills.

Communication and Networking Skills

Your academic excellence will make you a knowledgeable student, but to make a successful career as a lawyer, you need to have strong communication skills. So, you should prepare yourself to be active during your LLB course and participate in the events, and moot court competitions organized by the law colleges in Bhopal to enhance your confidence level and communication skills. With communication skills, your networking or collaborative skills is also important. So, always interact with your peer group, faculty members, and industry speaker and build a professional bond with them which will help you in getting better career opportunities in the future.

Expensive Law Books

Buying all the law books can be very heavy on the pocket. So, while looking for a law school always check if the college library offers a book borrowing facility or not. There are many prestigious BA LLB colleges in Bhopal, such as MGU that offers students access to their library books.

Challenges at Law School

As a law student, you need to be devoted to your study, reading, and attending seminars. These activities will take a lot of time and you’ll have very less time for extracurricular activities. So, you need to strike a balance between your study and leisure time by managing your schedule right from the start of your course.

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Why Mansarovar Global University is the Optimal Choice for LLB?

  • We offer a case study-based learning environment for law students to give them a better understanding of cases.
  • Our college’s training and placement cell will help you in getting on-campus placement in notable organizations.
  • As law students of Mansarovar Global University, students will have access to the human rights center.
  • Our course curriculum is designed with a global approach where students will be learning law from cross-cultural perspectives, this is why MGU is considered among the best law colleges in India.

Final words,

For prospective lawyers, a BA LLB degree is the best route. A legal degree can cover a wide range of career options, but you should choose the one in which you wish to be particularly skilled. Also, we Hope this blog helped you in gaining a fair knowledge about the LLB course. Yes, the field is highly competitive and includes a lot of challenges but it is equally rewarding. So, if you want to join this industry, you can enroll in the best LLB colleges in Bhopal.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I complete LLB in 2 years?

    No, you cannot. The course duration for an LLB degree is 3 years and fan or integrated LLB course, you’ll need 5 years to complete the course.

  • Which type of LLB is best?

    Both the LLB and BA LLB are equally good in terms of career opportunities. The difference lies in the eligibility criteria of the course, you’ll take 1 year extra to complete the LLB course as you need to complete graduation prior to this course.

  • Can one do LLB after 12th?

    No, as stated above, you can pursue LLB only after completion of graduation degree However, you can do an integrated LLB course such as BA LLB after class 12th.

  • Which is the easiest law to study?

    Intellectual property law and tax law are the easiest to study and practice in India.